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On 31st May, 2017 in IPRC WEST there is a hand over between former student leaders and current student leaders.

The ceremony of taking the oath for new guild council this academic year was led by the former president who started by thanking the students, educators, guests of honors and the Principal of IPRC WEST to have attended the taking the oath of the new Guild council.


He welcomed the Principal of IPRC WEST to welcome again the invited visitors and introduce them to the school members.


In his speech, the director of students affairs, represented by HABIMANA Jean Nepomscene thanked the former committee for their great performance and hardworking in the development of the school during their time. He wished them also to keep on experiencing the skills of leadership they got in their times.


The former Guild President, full of joy, has announced that he was grateful to thank his committee for the cooperation they had all together and took an opportunity to tell again the new Guild council to build on what the former guild council made, to develop their activities and also to perform better than them. He thanked the school leadership especially the Principal of IPRC WEST for the cooperation and working hand in hand the student organizations.

He told the new Council to work hand in hand with the school in all activities such as participating in Umuganda Works, reacting on their duties several times, participating in sports, culture…

He invited them also to socially help one another like helping poor, sick and hungry students among them, developing Christianity and fight for love and peace in and out of the school.


 NYIRABAHIRE Mary, a student in ICT Level 3, testifying the unity and love which represented IPRC WEST students during the former committee’s mandate where they highly contributed to her social problems.

The principal of IPRC WEST has come into the proper event of the day by introducing and reminding the tasks of any member of the council. “It is not only taking the oath for being a council member or being a performer in the school as well but also working for the whole country and all the nations as well”. He announced.

After reminding them all the rules and regulations of either the guild council or the school to be respected in general, (the school institutions), he told them to now come forward and take the oath publically.

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The new Guild President, in his special speech, thanked the former committee for all the best they have done, and promised this committee to guide and control what they did, build on them, perform better and develop the school as well. Conclusively, this new Guild president asked the school leaders to help them in solving problems that students face when they are at school such as having hostels, restaurants, facilities and transportation when fulfilling their tasks.


The former Guild Council has donated different gifts to the school

certificate1 2certificate


The school has awarded the former committee certificates of merit.

The Principal of the school has concluded the session by thanking the students in general to have done their duties when they are given to them and especially thanked the student representatives to have accomplished their duties which were mixed with the lessons and have never failed.

For this, the Principal promised the students that the school will keep on working hand in hand with them by solving their problems as usual, but again the facilitations will depend on the school capacities as it is in ways of development.


Finally, theyl took remembrance pictures.


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