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The closure of NEF Africa Science Week in IPRC WEST

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Today, the 12nd June, 2017, IPRC WEST has shown its excellence in providing ICT Skills for 60 primary school children. This program was launched on 13rd May, 2017 by the Principal of IPRC WEST in the purpose of facilitating children from rural areas to have access to ICT competence as children from urban areas do. Children are taught web designing using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, and JAVA Within the period of seven months.


One of trainees’ projects

ICT courses that IPRC WEST (in cooperation with KLab) provides to those primary school learners were enhanced by four days additional period of NEF (Next Einstein Forum) Africa science week, where, depending on what they have been studying so far, children were grouped to practice and familiarize their gained skills with everyday life.


Trainees presenting in a group

Focusing on various problems that Rwandan society faces, in six groups learners were told to choose one subject and develop it by designing a website in its name and then after, they had the time to present their projects, thoughts and websites in front of others.

There are various topics that have been presented by learners such as:

Fighting against corruption by the use of HTML, and eradication of illegal actions in which they tried to enumerate disadvantages of corruption namely conflicts, lack of freedom, and wastage of economy of the country; they also talked about benefits of fighting against corruption such as security and development. All these unfavorable deeds can be uprooted by using video cameras everywhere especially in public places, and using calls as well as short text messages to announce to authorities whoever commits it.


A group presenting a website about fighting against corruption

Another very interesting project is sharing electrical power. Trainees suggest that people can share electricity in a way that if one person has got enough power can give to another one who has not by the use of a telephone. Another group has presented about online payment website which can help people to send and receive money, to pay water bill, to pay electricity bill etc.

Communication Security: This is the website designed by one group which can help to eradicate kidnapping, burglarizing and corruption. The group that designed this website said that whoever can remark someone committing crimes like those said above should send a message to Communication Security Website and the Police find him/her immediately. Not only can those but communication security can also help to announce fire disasters etc.


A group presenting Communication Security website

Trainers preferred using group works for making trainees like together hood for helping each other as it is in ethics and values of our Rwandan society. In addition, this team working enables children to develop their public speaking and leadership skills as they do presentations in front of others. "It is in our initiative as IPRC WEST to show people that ICT skills cannot be limited to urban children only (who can find computers easily), but even those from rural areas can if they get supports and facilities. So I recommend other institutions and schools to follow our example so as to train many within a short period." Said Théoneste UWAYEZU, the Cordinater of trainers. He highly thank everyone who participated in this trainings particularly students from IT department who worked hand in hand with him.


Théoneste UWAYEZU, the teacher and coordinator of trainers

"We, partners of this event, are very excited by knowledge of these pupils. We did not expect all they have presented. Really, this is the evidence of hard work of their trainers to whom we are very grateful. We also thank IPRC WEST Leaders who had this bright idea, and these children who showed interests to these courses. We are sure that these children will train others what they are learning here." Said the Headmaster of Kibuye Primary school.


The Headmaster of Kibuye primary school

"We are overjoyed by these achievements of our children in support of IPRC WEST Leaders. I am very happy at the point that trainees have made me cry of happiness. Their skills are very far beyond when you compare to their ages, so this indicates that they will be the greatest scientists in future." Said the the Representative of Gatwaro Primary school.


The representative of Gatwaro primary school

"I really appreciate the idea of IPRC WEST and teachers of these children. I was very astonished by their team working regardless of being from different primary schools. I invite them to share this proficiency with their fellows who had not this opportunity." Said the Representative of La Lumière.


The representative of La Lumière primary school

"I am thankful to IPRC WEST, particularly trainers who worked hard from 08h00’ AM to 5h00’ PM. Moreover, I thank students for their courage, punctuality etc. I ask these learners to share with others what they have learned here for supporting Education for all, the objective of Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)." Said Flora.


The representative of MINEDUC, Flora MUTEZEGAJU

"I am thankful to primary school headmasters who allowed their pupils to attend this training on Friday while they would have been at school. I also congratulate these children for their skills comparing to their level as I did such things when I was in level one University. I heartfelt thank Mr. UWAYEZU Théoneste and his team for making this workshop perfect." Said Esther.


Esther KUNDA, The ambassador of NEF in Rwanda


Remembrance picture of trainers, trainees and their headmasters, Flora the MINEDUC representative, and Esther, the ambassador of NEF in Rwanda






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