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2017 Diploma students’ projects defense and implementation at IPRC WEST

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From Tuesday 27th June, 2017 to Wednesday 28th June, 2017, Diploma students from three departments [Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Information and Technology (IT) and Mechanical and Electronics Engineering (MEE)] in IPRC WEST were presenting their final projects.



Considering students’projects, it is obvious they are very creative and innovative, and very excellently, they have an elevated command from what they were trained about. Amongst students'projects there are “PC based electrical rod control” which can be used to control house objects such as fan, fridge, lamps etc. by using Personal computer (PC) rather than using switches which is the usual method. Martin NSHIMIYIMANA and Delphine YANKURIJE have explained their project “Our project is the substitution of switches because it helps to switch on and off devices which use electrical power. Components of our project are computer in which you install the software to command the control, arduino which receives command from the computer and gives the sign to outputs, RCV, electrical relay for switching on or off and a circuit breaker which protects our circuit from damage.”


Blind stick guide by using arduino”, this project which was designed and implemented by Gaspard NTAKIRUTIMANA and Gilbert MUNYESHYAKA helps to alert the obstacle which is in front of the user. They have said how they got this idea “After remarking difficulties that people with disabilities faced, we firstly had the idea of how we can help them, so we thought about the stick which can guide a blind or a both blind and death people. When a person has this stick, he/she hears an alert and vibration from the stick when he/she approaches an obstacle such as object, wall, stone, a person etc. that he/she stops or changes a bit the direction from the alerted obstacle. Not only persons who can use this stick but it can also be placed on the car which does not have wing mirrors so that it cannot hit something like a wall when a driver drives backward as the stick  immediately gives the sign that there is an obstacle.”


In Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, students have presented many projects which are very interesting and amazing. One team maid of Guvenal NGENDAHIMANA, Jackson NIYOMUGABO, Elison HORUYISENGA and Jean Claude MUNYAWERA has fabricated the bicycle which uses gears, free wheel and shaft in the place of a chain. They call it the "Chainless bicycle". They said “As you see here, this is a bicycle like others you know but the difference is that this one does not have a chain, here gears turn shaft when someone rides. We thought about designing the bicycle after realizing that chains of bicycles deceive their owners intentionally/surprisingly and disturb their plans and businesses. This bicycle of ours comes as the solution for people who do transportation by the use of bicycles and whoever owns it that it is no longer a worry about the chain of a bicycle as they can simply by the chainless one.”


Edisa UZAMUKNDA and Vital TUYISHIME fabricated a “Spot Welding Machine”, in her explanation, Edisa said “Our project is the Spot Welding Machine which is used to weld small and thin sheet metals, and this machine is used in industries like vehicles fabrication industries.” She has invited other ladies to have self confidence and come to engage in mechanical studies because they are able to do so. She has said “Ladies are still few in this domain, for example here in our department we are only two, so I call all ladies for leaving shyness and come to learn mechanics, where there is a will there is a way.”


The other group of Isaac IMANIRAMPA, Valens BYUKUSENGE and Jean Baptiste KANIMBA designed and implemented a “Pedal Powered Washing Machine”, the machine which is used in washing like laundry. The relevance of this machine is that it does not use electrical power, and it helps people with arms disability because the users utilize legs pedaling while washing.



Below are other varied students'projects.


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