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Joyeuse NYIRAKAMANA, the single girl in Engine Mechanics at IPRC WEST witnesses her achievements

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Engine Mechanics is one of programs provided to trainees in Vocational Training Center (VTC) at IPRC WEST. In this program, beneficiaries are trained about various modules such as Engine overhaul (revision du moteur), Engine service Clutch system repairing, Gearbox repairing etc. within ten Months period.


Joyeuse NYIRAKAMANA in practice

The class of Engine Mechanics was in practice when Joyeuse NYIRAKAMANA testified what excellent Mechanic she is, and how in the beginning all of her close friends including parents discouraged her, but thanks to self-persistence she got registered to VTC. Confidently and happily, Joyeuse said “I preferred coming here because I am keen on mechanics. From my childhood, I wished to be a technician and to know driving [having driving license].  This ambition of mine pushed me to refuse continuing A’ level studies in Mathematics, Economics and Geography (MEG), the option towards which I was oriented at the end of my O’ level. At that time, all my comrades and classmates disheartened me saying I am going to become the boyish, while others said it is a waste of time because after all mechanics is for men and however fortified I can be, I cannot be as good as boys.”

 Joyeuse was not only discouraged by her comrades and classmates, but their parents also did not want her to engage in Mechanics. She said “My parents, particularly my Dad did never want me to experience Mechanics, their preference for me was keeping up A’ level in MEG. Regardless all those challenges I made my dreams reality, and I am now the Mechanic as you have seen it trough the practice of replacement of brake pad and brake bleeding.” She winded up by urging ladies to be interested in Mechanics and Technological studies as they are as qualified as boys, and Mechanics is very lucrative.


 Jean Bosco HABIMANA, the Instructor in Engine Mechanics revealed how he strategically manages his instructing that girls become very competent as boys and even more. He said “In my class, both boys and girls are equal; I do not have the acquainted myth that girls are weak. If it is a practice, however it can be a girl must practice as boys do, so this biasness develops ability and equality in ladies’ minds, which in return furnishes higher performance than expected from them.”


Jean Bosco HABIMANA, the Instructor in Engine Mechanics


The class of Engine Mechanics with their Instructor

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